Boy Signs ‘Agreement’ With Father For Rs 100

Every now and then, a baby video or photo circulates on the internet in which parents share their child’s activity and why not, today’s modern parents have the entire internet at their disposal to seek parenting guidance, or just to share their child’s growth journey. But there is often conflicting advice on how to raise a child.Undeniably, raising a child isn’t less than a battle. They might be young in age but when it comes to getting their demands fulfilled, they are the greatest negotiators. And any parent’s incompetency in fulfilling those demands can lead to grumpy faces, tears, and screams all around. So, to keep themselves sane amidst all this, parents come up with different ways to discipline their children.

In a bid to do the same, a father signed an “agreement” with his six-year-old son for “his daily schedule and performance-linked bonus.”

Yes, you heard that right. Twitter user going by the name Batla G posted a handwritten agreement he signed with his son Abir. The agreement details the little munchkin’s daily schedule and for every task in the schedule, the father has assigned a particular time within which Abir must finish his daily tasks.

It can be seen in the detailed schedule that the boy has asked for 10 minutes of wake-up time after the alarm buzzes off. The father has mentioned the slots for everything, from finishing meals and playing to drinking milk and completing the homework. And if the six-year-old manages to pull off these tasks on time, the father promises that the kid would be rewarded with money.

Of course, like any other formal negotiations, there are a few clauses. Abir will only be paid Rs 10 if he manages to carry on with his day with “no crying, no shouting or grumbling,” and if the six-year-old does it for a week then he would be rewarded with Rs 100.

While answering a few FAQs in a different tweet, the father wrote, “Lunch time is included in the school time from 9 a.m to 2 p.m. Milk time is with TV so a 20 min episode is included. Breakfast, Lunch, Milk, and Dinner are with TV only. 10 min wake time is for ‘Papa, just 10 more minutes please’ negotiation in the morning.’

The tweet that has more than 28k likes, has garnered a lot of attention online. While netizens loved the ingenious idea, many said that the timetable would not be followed even for a week. Others said that such a schedule would give anxiety to a six-year-old child.

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