Chaap Tilak to Raata Lambiyaan, NDA Cadets Singing Soulful Medley is Pure Joy

The first words that probably come to your mind when someone says National Defence Academy are probably strict discipline, a firm regimen, diligence and undying service to the nation. However, like every other person, cadets need their own dose of entertainment and leisure too. So, a group of cadets from the NDA were able to take out time from their strict training regime for a small Bollywoodesque breather.

In a video that has gone viral, we see some of the cadets sing a medley of Bollywood songs that range from Raata Lambiyaan to Chaap Tilak. One of the cadets is playing the guitar while others are swaying to the beats and singing in chorus.

The video was shared by Twitter user Sirisha Rao on February 2 with the caption ‘“An evening in the Squadron Ante Room at National Defence Academy…Practising for Batallion Entertainment, I guess. Lovely.” The video, which is a little less than two minutes long has 11,000 likes and 2,155 retweets and has garnered praise from netizens. ‘Melodious’, ‘superb’ and ‘how beautiful’ were some of the comments dropped on the video. Another user, while praising the singing session, observed how some of these talented youngsters would serve the nation in high ranking defence positions and would receive bravery awards, protecting the nation. He went on to say that India is proud of them and grateful to their parents for giving them an opportunity to join the Armed Forces.

Last month, a video had gone viral of a Republic Day Parade rehearsal where personnel from the Indian Navy were seen shaking a leg to the song ‘Parda Parda’ from the movie Once Upon a time in Mumbai. The rehearsal was being carried out in Vijay Chowk in New Delhi.

While many had praised the Indian Navy, grooving to a Bollywood number did not go down well with a section of the internet with some commenting whether it was an army band or shaadi ka band.

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