‘Manipal Suitcase Girl’ is Packing Memes on Twitter But It’s an Old Video

This image has been tweeted by several users claiming it’s from the ‘Manipal suitcase’ scandal. (Credits: Twitter)

The ‘Manipal suitcase’ scandal is a viral video of a girl packed inside a suitcase by her partner so that she could be sneaked out of his hostel.

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  • Last Updated:February 03, 2022, 14:19 IST

If you’re wondering why a Manipal suitcase is stirring up a storm on Twitter right now, it’s because someone tried to fit a whole human girl in there so as to sneak her out of his hostel. Valentine’s Day is nearing, so you can’t really blame the extents people go to for- umm- love around this time. The catch here is that the video that’s doing the rounds on Twitter is actually not from this time at all, but from 2019 if not even further back. The second potential catch is that the scandal might not be a Manipal scandal at all. A Facebook post made by ‘Intrigin MAG’ back in 2019 claimed that the incident occurred at UPES, Dehradun. News18 could not verify the authenticity of the video, the location or the time. Twitter is, however, vibing with it and is packed with suitcase memes right now.

Here’s the video where a figure can be seen emerging from inside of a suitcase, purportedly captured in CCTV footage. “Bro some guy tried sneaking his girl out in a suitcase in Manipal from his hostel building and got caught and the whole story is f**king beautiful,” a Twitter user wrote.

The following is the incident reported in 2019.

And the following is what we’re all here for: the hot mess that’s Twitter right now.

The Intrigin Mag Facebook post from 2019 reads, “The ‘gutsy’ girl who tried to sneak through the college gates inside a suitcase is believed to be a student of same University. Seeing things to be a bit fishy and suspicious about the suitcase and guys carrying it, the guard stopped them for a check which resulted in reveal of this unsuccessful attempt.” There’s surely been some guts involved; we just don’t know where, when or to what end. Relationships can get messy, so we may never know.

This Valentine’s day, by the way, the Lehigh Valley Zoo in Pennsylvania is allowing people to name a bug after their former partner just for $5 or Rs 374. The zoo then feeds the bug to their animals. We’re just putting it out there.

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