Ricky Gervais’s Loyal Dog in ‘After Life’ Has Real Owners and This is How They Describe ‘Brandy’

If you have watched Neflix’s British show After Life you might be aware of the German Shepherd dog Brandy who accompanies the protagonist Tony Johnson, played by Ricky Gervais. Just like its many characters, Brandy too has played an important part in the show. Written and directed by Gervais, After Life narrates the story of a man who is coming to terms with his wife Lisa’s death. Last month, the show released its third season, and Brandy was once again seen accompanying Tony as he took her for morning walks, and watched Lisa’s old videos.

Brandy’s presence in the show has shown how dogs can perceive their owners’ emotions and be there for them when they need them. In real life too, Brandy is loved by her owners. Brandy’s real name is Antilly and her proud owners Ashley Foster and Beth Heale have been quite blessed by her presence. According to a report by BBC, Antilly was born to Foster’s parents’ dogs, before moving to Bicester, Oxfordshire, with her new owner. Heale told BBC, “What she is to Tony, is what she is to us in real life.” She also told BBC, “We don’t have children, just like how Lisa and Tony don’t in the show. It sends a poignant message throughout – dogs are there for you when people can’t be and Antilly is always there.”

The report mentions that Foster and his pet also participated in the dog sport IGP (Internationale Gebrauchshund Pruefung), which tests obedience, agility and commands of a pet dog. Antilly’s first visit to a film set took place when she was just 10 weeks old, reports BBC. The pet dog visited The Dark Knight Rises set along with Foster who happened to be a television and film extra, and was playing one of antagonist Bane’s henchmen with both of Antilly’s parents starring as attack dogs.

If you have watched the recent season of After Life you might be aware of how the show ends on a cryptic note. One of the users even asked on Twitter if Brandy dies in the show, to which Gervais had responded, “It was playing with time. We all die eventually, but not today.”

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