‘The Woman in the House’ Viewers are Missing This One Tiny Detail About Netflix Series

Netflix’s ‘The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window’ starring Kristen Bell is a cool little parody of the Hollywood murder mystery-thriller genre. You would think that with multiple thriller names packed into its title, people would easily get that it is, in fact, satire. Somehow, that hasn’t been the case. Some people on Twitter have been genuinely confused about the show and its ridiculous name and chain of events. It might be partly due to the fact that the show is pretty subtle when it comes to the parody, with moments where it veers off into rather genuine moments that occur in the mystery thriller genre. The parody part really shows through in certain scenes but at any rate, it’s not blink-and-you-miss-it, so people not getting it might seem slightly absurd.

The following tweets contain spoilers from the series.

“The Woman in The House Across the street of the girl in the window is actually hilarious because of how stupid it is,” a Twitter user wrote, with another adding, “She sleeps in makeup. Looks perfect in every scene even when she’s wet from passing out in the street out in the rain. Leaves a broken casserole dish in the street. Her daughter goes to prison for take your daughter to work day..ugh (sic).” It’s almost like that was the whole point.

The sheer number of casseroles in the show didn’t manage to convince everybody that it’s parody.

Someone came up with “The Woman in the House across the Street from the Girl in the Window at the other Side of the Lake in a Town between two american Counties on a Planet called Earth” and we wonder if that could have helped this situation.

A Twitter user wrote, Watched a few episodes of The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window, and even though it’s not as spoof-y as I thought it would be (more about playing up tropes to the extreme), I’m finding myself sucked in. Kristen Bell is of course terrific,” and this seems like a good explanation of why so many have missed the point of the show.

It’s a little like the time when Don’t Look Up director Adam McKay tried to tell everyone that a blip of a scene showing the film crew was intentionally left in there but Twitter flat out refused to believe him and remained convinced that it had been an editing mistake, but at least, that was just about a single scene.

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