UK Teenager Jumps into Freezing Reservoir after Losing Rock-Paper-Scissors Game, Dies

A joyous end-term celebration went horribly wrong when a 16-year-old boy drowned in a reservoir in the UK after he lost a bet at a rock paper scissors game. According to a report by YorkshireLive, the teenage boy named Sam Haycock was celebrating the end of term with his friends on the afternoon of May 28, 2021, at the Ulley Reservoir, south of Rotherham. While playing rock paper scissors, Sam lost a bet and jumped into the reservoir which resulted in his death. According to the countryside and ecology manager for Rotherham Council, Kevin Burke, the water of the reservoir was between 26 to 30 feet at the deepest points.

He further said that the first few inches of water would feel warm but once someone gets inside it, the temperature drops drastically. Senior coroner Nichola Mundy revealed that none of the boys who were celebrating at the reservoir were skilled swimmers. However, they had been provoking each other to jump in the water. When the boys decided to play a game of rock paper scissors, Sam had to jump after losing the game.

An adult Craig Pennington, who was present at the scene of the accident, told YorkshireLive, “I could hear what sounded like young lads laughing and joking around.” He further recalled hearing cries of help from one of the teenagers but couldn’t realise the urgency until he reached the side of the bridge.Reportedly, one of Sam’s friends even tried to save him by jumping in the reservoir but to no avail.

The friend too could not swim and was rescued by Craig and another man Conna Lee King, after he was left hanging from the bridge.An inquest at Doncaster Coroner’s Court heard that attempts were also made to save Sam using a throw line. Later, a 999 emergency call was made following which firefighters rushed to the spot and tried to locate Sam. However, Sam could not be saved and his body was fished out later from the reservoir.Reportedly, Sam Haycock was a popular teenager from Rotherham and was recently diagnosed with autism and other complex medical problems due to which he could not swim.

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