Video of Elephants Struggling to Cross Tracks Goes Viral, Railway Ministry Takes Action

As much as we love to watch animal videos and appreciate the cute nature of the animals, some of these videos do leave us heartbroken. They are mostly the ones that show animals in captivity or their relentless efforts to return to their natural habitat. While many animal videos go viral on the internet for their humour, one got viral recently for a bit of a different reason. An elephant family is seen in the video in an attempt to cross the barriers alongside a railway track in the Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu. As the video started doing rounds, users were left sympathetic to the plight of the elephants and the need for wildlife corridors was widely discussed.

The elephants, which also included calves, were seen strolling on the train line before they could safely jump over and pass the wall, as seen in the video uploaded on Twitter by Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Supriya Sahu. While mitigation barriers surrounding highways and railway tracks are intended to reduce the likelihood of accidents and animal-human conflicts, elephants in the video were observed struggling to re-enter the nearby forest. Luckily, no train was passing by on the tracks at that time.

The IAS officer couldn’t stop mentioning the barricades’ potential hazard to animal migration. “Need to have a necessary SOP for all infra agencies towards sensitive wildlife friendly design & implementation,” Sahu said, calling the video “distressing.” However, the video did it’s job well as the resulting anger by netizens prompted the Railway Ministry to take prompt action in demolishing the barrier and provide an easier route for the animals’ passage. Sahu shared a video of the same as well. “When we work together, we come out with solutions,” she wrote.

On social media, people praised the IAS officer’s efforts and applauded the Railways Ministry for acting quickly..

According to an IndianExpress report, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change has launched a project in October 2021 to identify and safeguard elephant routes across the country, in response to an increase in human-elephant conflict.

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