When Animals Turned on Each Other and Humans

It looks like a season of revenge stories from the animal world of Amar Chitra Katha is upon us. This time the story is from Kerala, after Karnataka and Maharashtra. While monkeys have been seen taking revenge on men and dogs in the first two instances, the town of Muvattupuzha in Ernakulam has been running for its life for more than a week as it is the target of a flock of crows. According to local people, this started after a little monkey threw away a few eggs from a crow’s nest a week ago. The monkey was spotted in the town, 40 km away from Kochi, on January 23. The next day, the monkey’s life turned upside down after it crushed a crow’s nest atop a tree at the Nehru Park. The playful simian had picked up the eggs from the nest and thrown them on the ground one by one. The birds in hordes, from all sides, rushed to the treetop and since then it did not stop their attack on the animal.

According to locals, the flock of crows has prevented the animal from sitting in peace for the past eight days. The monkey is not even able to eat anything. It comes under attack when it tries to ‘take a break’ even for a short interval. Within seconds, the crow army will begin its attack. The crows will track down the monkey in no time and attack it even if it manages to hide behind the bushes or leaves and branches of trees.

The town’s residents are helpless to save the simian who is running for its life amid the busy traffic and the electric lines. According to them, it has sustained wounds all over the body, following the non-stop attack.

The first incidence of animal revenge in recent times was reported from Karnataka’s Chikkamagalur district. It started when a rescue team came to trap a monkey they spotted in Kottigehara village in the district.

In September 2021, the forest officials sought the help of auto drivers to chase the animal. During this exercise on September 16, one of the auto drivers was attacked by the monkey and when he ran away to save his life, the monkey followed him. Finally, after three hours, a group of more than 30 people managed to trap the monkey. The forest department officials released the monkey in Balur forest, around 22 kilometres away from the village. However, the monkey returned to the village in less than a week by jumping into a truck that was passing by a road near the forest. The monkey was caught for the second time on September 22 and was released deep inside the forest this time.

Then came the incident from Beed in Maharashtra, when a troop of monkeys allegedly killed around 250 dogs to take ‘revenge’ after a puppy killed a baby monkey in Majalgaon in the Beed district in December 2021.

To add to this, the Obalapura village in Bharamasagara Hobli of Chitradurga district in Karnataka is under crow attack for six months. Curiously, the crow attacks only adults and not children. Every piece of glass in the village from window panes to rear mirrors of bikes is shattered by the crow’s attack. According to the villagers, it’s the wrath of Lord Anjaneya as a temple dedicated to him is waiting for renovation. They feel Lord Shani, in the form of a crow, is punishing them by coming to start the work.

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